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Bloom Day in Ranterville, November edition


Ironically, the only one of us who might have more actual flowers (Amy) is traveling, but what the heck, here goes:


Michele has some saffron crocus, grown purely for the thrill of harvesting her own saffron. You can see the little threads. Cool!


I don’t have too much going on outside and what is out there is mostly covered in roof grit, but I took some pictures anyway. Fall color is what it’s all about: hosta, red maple, hydrangea, and Boston ivy. I have more at my blog.


Susan has beautiful color going as well as berries. Check out her winterthur viburnum. I also love her Japanese maple (those can’t be beat for fall color), serviceberry, and hydrangea, which looks like a similar macrophylla to mine. See more at her blog.

I also, at the top, show an image of my cyclamen and African violet, currently in bloom, just to demonstrate that there are other ways to have cold weather color!

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One response to “Bloom Day in Ranterville, November edition”

  1. Carol says:

    Yep, for many of us, its about the fall color, especially if we’ve experience the “killing frost” and the blooms are done. Thanks for joining in again!