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Another gardening mag notices bloggers, story at 11

Here is the article by Doug Green from American Gardener. These jpegs ought to be readable when you enlarge them; best I could do, as we can’t seem to get the pdf up. If you print the enlarged image, it should also be readable. Or use this link to take you to the current issue; scroll down to the article about blogging. And here’s the link to the magazine’s site, which also has the article: American Gardener




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9 responses to “Another gardening mag notices bloggers, story at 11”

  1. susan harris says:

    Mine just arrived in the mail and I must say, Amer Hort Society – you get blogs! Thanks for the coverage.
    And Doug – good job!
    Now we should see increased readership, right?

  2. sandra says:

    If you goggle American Gardener magazine, the article is available for non-members of the American Horticultural Society to read.

  3. susan harris says:

    Thanks, Sandra. Here’s the link to the current issue; just scroll down to the article about blogging.

  4. Ann says:

    Oh, I wish I could have read it completely – very interesting. But your graphics did not lead me to an article that I could complete — only to a first frame that did not go anywhere. Sigh. I’m sure it’s my incompetence.

  5. layanee says:

    The American Gardener is available to all who join the American Horticultural Society and it is a great benefit among others. Nice article on blogs and kudos to all of you who were interviewed and mentioned! It is great to see the ‘blog family members’ so recognized for bringing so many garden bloggers together!

  6. eliz says:

    Ann, the link Susan gives leads you to the magazine’s site and the artice.

  7. Carol says:

    American Gardener is one magazine I actually read. A big thanks to Doug Green for the article on blogs (and for graciously including me in it). Did you also see the interview in this issue with Dave Whitinger of Dave’s Garden?

  8. Stuart says:

    I’m sorry I missed this post Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing it and a big kudos to Doug for writing an exemplary article that I’m sure will encourage many to turn their hand to their blogging about their garden.

    Move over knitting blogs, here we come.

  9. Mary McCaslin says:

    Should you add seaweed to your garden? If so, how much?
    Will the Bromine in the seaweed help get rid of bugs in turnip?