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I went to a garden party …


Yesterday was Jean’s victory party. Friends and neighbors gathered to celebrate the survival of her garden, in spite of persistent challenges from city of Buffalo inspectors. It’s looking good, too. The rudbeckia are just about over, but the zinnia, cosmos, and chokecherry look terrific. A Buffalo News reporter and photographer were there as well, and the photog kindly look the picture of me and Jean, above. What’s in our glasses? Veuve Cliquot, baby.

With minimal trepidation I also share Jean’s version of Ricky Nelson’s “Garden Party.” She is assisted here by local writer Pat Donovan and Fred Sachs (I didn’t do such a great job keeping him in the frame). One verse should give you the flavor—anyway, it took me a while to remember that my camera also does video.

Here’s today’s Buffalo News story, which has some of the lyrics.

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3 responses to “I went to a garden party …”

  1. Susan Harris says:

    Wish I could have joined you!

  2. I second that. I’ve been to Elizabeth’s friends’ parties–and they are FUN.

  3. Computer geeks would say “woot!” but perhaps, being gardeners, we should bring back its etymological origin and congratulate Jean by saying “root!”