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Got bulb?

Ok, the bulbs are gone—I have a little bit of leeway that I will use for some personal gifting. Thanks for responding! Everyone who has asked will receive bulbs, and I should be able to honor your preferences. I will email you all tomorrow for your addresses, except where I already have them (at least one case).

Have you planted tulips? In a similar vein as Michele has just posted, there is nothing that gets me through the dreary WNY pre-winter and winter like the promise of big, fat colorful tulips bursting out of the ground in the spring. As you may remember, my bulb obsession is beyond control. I have 300-plus (tulips, lilies, and minor bulbs) in the ground or ready-to-go as we speak.


SO, imagine my surprise when I heard from Colorblends that they had 200, yes two hundred, bulbs coming my way for “trial purposes.” Great, but there’s no, absolutely no, room in my tiny urban space to try these.

Perhaps you have room? I bet you do. Please respond in comments if you can take 25 or more (NO less than 25) of these lovely tulips from Colorblends (a great company who unfortunately does not always identify cultivars). I will send them to you. No charge. First come, first served. Let me know.

There are two sets: the Mamma Mia, which (I think) are two doubles: Lilac Perfection and May Wonder; and the Miss Confection, which (I think) are two Triumph varieties: Couleur Cardinale and Calgary. These are mixes: you must choose from either mix.

What I can say for sure is that their bulbs have always worked well for me. I would love to hear from you next spring about whether these were successful for you. Or perhaps some of the Southern gardeners could try forcing some of the Triumph varieties? Consider it a challenge. Anyway, respond in comments. You’ll probably get some bulbs out of it, and I’ll be happy. I love getting fellow gardeners into bulbs.

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16 responses to “Got bulb?”

  1. Carol says:

    Elizabeth… I can always find room for more tulips. Some doubles might be fun to try for a change. Count me in and thank you for the offer!

  2. susan harris says:

    One question: how can a “great” bulb company NOT identify its bulbs by name? Sounds more like Home Depot.

  3. gina says:

    Hi Elizabeth! I’d love some of the bulbs. I think both sets are fabulous! I would love love love to take 25-50 of the Mamma Mia to try but honestly I think the Miss Confection is beautiful as well so I’d be tickled pink with either of them.

    I’m planting bulbs for the first time this year and have bought a few from big box stores but I have lots of space and I have been wanting to try ordering from this site after seeing other reviews of them. Of course I’d be sure let you know how they are doing next spring as well as keep everyone updated on their progress on my blog. I’m so excited! I hope I make the cut!

  4. Peter Hoh says:

    I’ll be happy to take some of these, too.

  5. eliz says:

    Susan, they just don’t for these mixes. They do sell some single varieties, some species, and other bulbs (daffs, scilla) where they give you the exact names. I think it’s that they like to have fun with the cutesy names. Stop the Car is my favorite. Anyway, because I think of hybrids as annuals anyway, I don’t much care.

    Ok, so 75-100 bulbs down so far (depending on how many other requests I have).

  6. Pamela says:

    Elizabeth, How nice you are to share. I’d love to have some new bulbs. I have a garden at my shop to rework and my neglected home gardens are on my list, so I have plenty of room. Thank you for the offer.

  7. You like getting fellow gardeners into bulbs do you Elizabeth. Well I am a bulb virgin if you don’t count the more tropical Zephyr Lilies. Any thing you send me will be a new adventure in gardening and let’s see space, I have plenty of that and then some. I would be happy to take what ever is left over from those with a preference of the sets.

    Just the other day I was lucky to get some of the overflow of bulbs from the resident gardeners in the form of Foxtail Lily, Eremurus, planted in my new front roadside bed. There is still plenty room for annual tulips.

  8. Peter Hoh says:

    And if I may, I’d like to note a preference for the Miss Confection mix. Thanks.

  9. Alison says:

    I’d love to try the Mamma Mia and could take 25+. I’d be happy to monitor/photo in the spring. I’ve drooled over the Colorblend catalog.

  10. Eliz says:

    Chris, aren’t those eremus bulbs weird-looking? I planted some too. Expensive too–lucky you to get some freebies.

  11. The Eremurus bulbs if you can call them that, do look like some odd undersea creature who has been out of the water a bit too long. There must be some more accurate botanical name for the bud eye crown with those octopus roots that is Eremurus bulb.

  12. Lisa says:

    I am SO glad I didn’t find this blog until now. It’s about 3:30 AM, Monday morning. I can’t sleep because I hurt all over from planting bulbs for the last two days, and I’ve still got at least two more days of planting to go. I also have more tulips than I needed to put in containers and in the ground, but had I not realized I was dealing with a surplus of tulips, I would have happily taken you up on your offer.

    As for the pain, eh. I think of gardening as an extreme sport without the cheering crowds 🙂

  13. Melissa says:

    I’d love to take some off your hands if there are any left!! i have lots of places to put them!

  14. Peg says:

    Aw, man, sorry I missed that! How nice of you to give bulbs away.

    But if anyone lives in the city of Albany, NY, the Women’s Club of Albany is sponsoring a spring front yard contest which includes their giving 50 free tulip bulbs to city residents who want to participate…

  15. Kylee says:

    I’ll take anything you’ve got left! How nice of you to share the bounty!

  16. Kylee says:

    Now how did I miss that first sentence??? Geesh! *feeling silly now*