Front yard gets Yul Brynner treatment

by SusanBaldfront300

Here’s an update on my front-yard edible-landscape-to-be.  For well under a hundred bucks I got all the turf removed and sent to the compost pile, and 15 smelly bags of manure spread and dug in.  My job was applying a layer of leafmold mulch and scheming about what to do next.  Thanks to the mix of bold ideas you all offered about what to grow here and how, this make-over is happening.  Now I have all winter to research all your plant suggestions.

Mulchfront300 Designwise, I’m thinking brick pavers bisecting the area into 4 equal-size sections.  And a tuteur could be gorgeous in the center, or just in the way.  Imagine the color possibilities, though, and a friend of mine wants to build and paint one for me, and she’s an artiste.

Another friend, a GardenRant reader, brought me the delectable book she suggested in a comment: The Art of French Vegetable Gardening.   I’m just thankful I didn’t get this notion in the spring or I’d be whipping into action without doing any research, and making megamistakes in the process.  Research!  With the Internet, there’s no excuse not to do it.

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8 responses to “Front yard gets Yul Brynner treatment”

  1. ooh – a blank pate -I mean slate-! What a delicious winter of research, page flipping and seed catalog shopping you have a*head* of you. (I’ll stop with the puns now)

  2. “For well under a hundred bucks I got all the turf removed and sent to the compost pile, and 15 smelly bags of manure spread and dug in.” Man, I need to find YOUR workers. I’ve got a number of garden tasks I’m too disabled to do but which need to be done. Like – the neighbor’s hedge has grown so much the tender growth has flopped it into my yard.

    Congrats on the edible front yard plans!

  3. What did you do with the stripped turf? It’s great for resodding other areas. It also makes great compost.

  4. Great compost is right! The turf is sitting on my compost pile, waiting for the addition of this year’s batch of leaves.

  5. layanee says:

    Susan: How exciting! A waiting palette! Can’t wait to see what develops!

  6. Susan, you are just bold. I would have needed to chew over such a move for a few seasons at least before doing anything.

    Brick paths are a brilliant idea.

  7. eliz says:

    Yes, same here. My front yard really needs a makeover, but I am waiting another season for the impossible to happen–that suddenly everything will look good.

  8. Wow – great place to start -gitin’ rid of the grass. I have always been a proponent of “If you are going to grow somthing, you might as well make it edible.” I shifted my thinking a few years ago after taking a class in permaculture. It changed my life and my perspective. I started looking at how I could make my entire landscape edible, how I could integrate edible in where the non edible used to be. It has been fun and now I am expanding it out to places beyond my yard into the neighbors, to schools and other public places. What fun. Woohoo. Check out my hobby website at UrbanFarm.org