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Provocative Photo


No, it’s not quite as mind-blowing as some of the porn ads I was emailed a few years ago after signing up for a trial subscription to investment site  But this photo, cribbed from a New York Times slideshow about a manor house on a Scottish island, is mind-blowing enough for me.  It’s certainly got me thinking about life, death, and my humble place on this little planet. 

Posted by on September 19, 2007 at 9:27 am, in the category Real Gardens.
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3 responses to “Provocative Photo”

  1. eliz says:

    Went through the whole slideshow. Interesting–I got some ideas for house shoots, though we don’t have any joints like that around here. (Or do we?)

    In any case, I believe Tony Avent will sell you gunnera and colacasia that gets that big.

  2. Ellis Hollow says:

    I’ve always wanted to grow gunnera, but I’m about two zones too cold (Zone 5). They do grow it at Stonecrop Gardens, over in the Hudson Valley, but they’re probably a Zone 6, and I remember reading about how they practically build a superinsulated house over it to protect it from the cold. You can see here that their efforts are worth it:

  3. sandra says:

    Just what would Jean’s city official make of gunnera in her garden?