But is it Art?

More silly things you can do on the web

Ok, we’ve done the walkable neighborhood game, and discovered its imperfections, so I thought I’d share some fun I had with creating my own superhero. This is actually quite old, but I was reminded of it when we Ranters were discussing how to recreate ourselves as Simpsons characters and show the images on the blog. (I have not been able to make that work.)

I tried to create a gardening-related superhero, but the two concepts don’t really accord all that well. A gardener doesn’t really use the same weapons or armor, and I couldn’t get the background to disappear, and I forgot to give her a fleshtone, and, and …. But I did the best I could and here is:

Garden Girl!


You can follow the link above to do a better one, if you like. Actually, there’s a new version of the game now, but it didn’t have a stake, so I kept this one.

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  1. Carol says:

    I always thought the Jolly Green Giant was the favorite super hero of gardeners!