Taking Your Gardening Dollar

Even the lily freak hesitates on this one


A few weeks ago, Amy was begging Old House Gardens for mercy. But that was only over a mere $11 a bulb for ultra-rare historic hyacinths. I’m here to tell you that The Lily Garden has them beat, but good.

Give me a minute to pry the pages open of their 2007-8 catalog, because they’re stuck together with drool. Ah, here we are. This description is from their new “Connisseur’s [sic] Garden” section. (Yeah , pretty brazen to misspell at these prices! I sort of admire the gall of it.)

New! Tetra ‘Makepeace (C-P) is a stunning new color combination, with enormous, lightly flared trumpets of intense apricot gold, edged in rose. Along with the robust stature and incredible flower size we expect in a tetraploid, ‘Makepeace’ embodies the grace, elegance, and serene beauty that inspired its name. Sweetly fragrant, too! 4 to 5 feet and taller, early to mid July. Each $50.00.

Fifty. Dollars. A. Bulb. And they haven’t even harvested these yet. No picture on the website, sorry, and I’m too lazy to scan from the catalog. However, the flower in question is somewhat like Quintessence, shown above, except thirty bucks better.

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8 responses to “Even the lily freak hesitates on this one”

  1. Carol says:

    I was thinking about how that is a lot of money for one bulb, who would spend that? Then I remembered that I’ve paid $50 for one garden hoe before and a lot of gardeners wouldn’t do that.

    But you love your lilies, so you should get it. $50? What’s that the equivalent of? One good dinner for two in a nice restaurant? A good bottle of wine? A tank or two of gas? One good garden hoe?

    You should get it.

  2. eliz says:

    Gee, Carol, you’re quite the enabler. I like the gas comparison, because I hate cars, hate driving and would much rather spend that money on plants. OTOH, I can get 3 lilies almost as beautiful for this price from TLG, so that really is my only hesitation.

  3. Heather says:

    The one you have pictured there is beautiful! I’d get 3 of those instead. 🙂

  4. Vic Stewart says:

    I’d get Carol’s $50 bottle of wine instead!

  5. Susan Harris says:

    The whole deal about paying lots more for something that’s rare or new has never worked for me. GIve me a Honda over a BMW any day. (I had a Beemer once and my mechanic retired quite young to Hawaii, which tells you a lot about how much it cost to get the damn car worked on.)

  6. Tai Haku says:

    I bet it’ll be much cheaper next year – which gives you plenty of time to decide if you really like it. Meanwhile you can tuck into some others in the catalogue for this year…Spend up!

  7. Carol says:

    Don’t make us list 50 reasons why you need to buy that bulb! Reason number 50… so when it blooms you can post a picture of it for all of us to see and admire…

  8. eliz says:

    Oh for heavens sake. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll get it and post a picture. If past performance from TLG is anything to go by, it should come up gloriously.