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Detroit Makes Urban Farming Happen

Here’s another great story by Marty Hair in the Detroit Free Press, this one about the greening of yet another Rust Belt city (so it’s not just Buffalo).  Notice there are four agencies involved in making vacant lots available and helping residents grow produce and then sell it, including the local Extension Service.  One of these days Washington, D.C. is going to get with it, I suppose.  Hey, I think I’ll post this over on DC Urban Gardener News as a prod to action inspiration.

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  1. Tai Haku says:

    Off the post topic but I thought y’all might find this interesting and couldn’t find an email addy:


  2. Detroit is a model for struggling cities everywhere, but let’s admit–also a special case: so much vacant land, so much disinvestment, and such an incredibly powerful gardening culture from earlier generations.