Amy Spreads the GardenWalk Gospel

Here in the SF Chronicle Amy brought the glory of people’s gardening to the Left Coast, and did a damn fine job conveying the down-to-earth coolness of it.  Notice it’s a slightly sanitized-for-print version, with an almost anonymous friend "Elizabeth" accepting the cash that a total stranger stuffed in her bra.  Only you guys know the back story.

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3 responses to “Amy Spreads the GardenWalk Gospel”

  1. chuck b. says:

    Amy mentions the Georgetown Art & Garden Walk in Seattle. Some pictures of it here: http://midbeaconhill.blogspot.com/2007/07/georgetown-art-garden-walk.html

    And some pictures of the nearby first annual Beacon Hill Garden Walk here: http://midbeaconhill.blogspot.com/2007/06/beacon-hill-garden-walk.html

  2. JvA says:

    Thanks for the links, Chuck!

    One of my favorite things about the Georgetown Garden Walk is that the owner of a local haunted house opens it up to the public. Not directly garden-related, but here are photos:


    And this post contains some photos of another cool Georgetowner’s front yard garden:


  3. Georgia says:

    Excellent review of the garden walk and perfect timing. In Berkeley, several upcoming events will celebrate parks and creeks and will involve lots of walking and touring. I plan to attend the Berkeley Path Wanderers Centennial Park Walk this weekend and blog about it.