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Top Ten Twelve Reasons to Attend the GR Meet-Up at GW, continued


Next, three more reasons to attend Buffalo’s Garden Walk and its special GardenRant meet-up event.

#8 Oh, the gardeners and the yardeners can be friends Truth. Many of our most faithful and appreciative Garden Walk attendees are people who don’t garden nearly as obsessively as we do. They have nice houses somewhere in the burbs or exurbs with lawns, shrubs, maybe some roses. They’re tired of watching the deer eat their daylilies. They compliment the gardens and old houses, we recommend ineffective deer repellants, and everybody has a good time.


#7 Wonder at the amazing daylily FREAKS and other obsessives of GW You will instantly notice that some gardeners seem to be, well, rather focused on a certain plant or type of plant, while others have ambitions of a more diverse variety. While editing the Garden Walk map, I noticed one guy striving to include every letter in the alphabet, another with 75 varieties of hosta, and another with well over that number of different daylilies (can’t find the picture, but I’m sure you can imagine).

#6 Be able to say “I knew these gardens when!” We are so ready for our close-up. Garden Gate, Better Homes & Gardens, Garden Ideas and Outdoor Living, Country Gardens, Garden, Deck & Landscape, Do It Yourself, Garden Rooms, Nature’s Garden, and Perennials either have been here or will be within weeks scouting for photo shoots. Soon we’ll get too big for our britches. It will occur to us: “A FREE tour of all these great gardens! What were we thinking?!"

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4 responses to “Top Ten Twelve Reasons to Attend the GR Meet-Up at GW, continued”

  1. Ellis Hollow says:

    I don’t want to steal your punch line. But your #1 reason — the reason that will double the number of GR readers who make it to GW — had to be you will guarantee and appearance by the County Clerk.

  2. I’m still not sure if I can make it.

    And based upon my life experience, I’m willing to bet that a potential appearance by me is INFINATELY SUPERIOR to an ACTUAL APPEARANCE.

    But I’d like to come.

  3. layanee says:

    Good teasers! Wishing I could be there!

  4. Jenn says:

    Hey — could you post a larger picture of #3 — I’d really like to see what’s in that front garden —

    Totally jealous that I can’t attend the walk.