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Top Ten Twelve Reasons to Attend the GR Meet-Up at GW, continued


More on Buffalo’s Garden Walk event, coming up this month.

#5 Got water feature? We sure do. You’ll see every type of aquatic marvel possible, not to mention the great big noisy one to the north of us (and then there’s that oval one downtown). If you’ve ever thought about a pond or other liquid adornment for your yard, here are plenty of examples, and, if you ask, more advice on them than you’ll probably want to hear. (Just tactfully back away—but don’t fall in.)


#4 It’s not just the Walk that’s free I’ve been busy grabbing up as much swag as I can for the goodie bags. You know there have to be goodie bags. So far, I have posters, GW T-shirts, maps, free passes to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the Botanical Gardens, and we’ll probably have Garden Walk books.


#3 Lawn? What lawn? To get a sense of the many, many ways in which NOT to use America’s favorite plant, you could scarcely find a better working demonstration than Garden Walk. Sure, plenty of the gardeners do have some lawn, but most are in the process of eliminating it, and quite a few have already done so. You’ll see innovative hardscaping (for cases where nothing will grow), every type of sturdy groundcover, and, of course, front perennial gardens bursting with color. In fact, in some areas, you can instantly tell the Garden Walk garden—it’s like an exclamation point in the middle of the block.

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