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Susan on “CBS Sunday Morning”

Did anyone catch Susan on CBS Sunday Morning today?  None of us knew it was airing this week–only Susan was up early enough to catch it.  The segment was all about coaching — Susan, of course, as the garden coach.  If you see it, post your comments.

Posted by on July 29, 2007 at 8:59 am, in the category Unusually Clever People.
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5 responses to “Susan on “CBS Sunday Morning””

  1. Ellis Hollow says:

    I don’t see any video, but this looks like the transcript:

    Life Coaches Are For Everyone
    These Days, People Are Turning To Outside Help For Nearly Every Aspect Of Life

  2. Ellis Hollow says:

    Oh, and Susan up in time for CBS Sunday Morning? Guess there wasn’t a lot of hippie-chick dancing.

  3. eliz says:

    We were robbed on the hippie chick dancing, but have high hopes for next time.

  4. Susan Harris says:

    Vic – for finding the video, you’re my hero! Seriously; coz neither I nor web-wiz Craig Cramer at Ellis Hollow could find it. Now I’m quickly sending it to everyone I’ve ever met. S