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Ranters’ Bloom Day: all-white/lilies ‘r’us/container action


Here are some samplings of of what we have going on in our respective yards in Buffalo, Sarataoga Springs, Takoma Park, and Eureka. You’d think—with such geography between us—there’d be huge differences, but I can report that Michele, Susan and I all have hydrangea, both Michele and I have tons of lilies, Susan and I have similar container action, and we probably have some plants in common with Amy too.

This is a colorful time in the garden for most, I imagine. So, here goes.


Amy reports a profusion of whiteness worthy of Vita Sackville-West; it is luminous at night and "just looks crazy" during the day. Shasta daisies, feverfew, and orange calendula.


Susan, like me, has a lot of distinct areas with different activity in each, but here you see a container with the undeniably-popping combo of sweet potato vine and purple waves.


Michele is all about dahlia and lilies. Here are some Navona asiatics with Red Rising Hood dahlias. (and tall purple dahlias in the background). Elsewhere she has Regale trumpets adding to the lily action.


I did a close-up for a change; here you see an oriental I think is inappropriately called Summer’s End (but I’m not sure) along with a clematis (Hagley). I’ve been tying lilies to trellises lately with some success.

Hey, when does this Bloom Day stop anyway? I am not looking forward to October and November! Amy will have to take it from there.

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4 responses to “Ranters’ Bloom Day: all-white/lilies ‘r’us/container action”

  1. Carol says:

    Bloom Day never stops, it is year ’round, but the southern gardeners and southern hemisphere gardeners are going to have to carry some of us through the winter months!

  2. layanee says:

    Nice shots of all the Ranters’ gardens!

  3. jodi says:

    Really fun to see the differences (and the similarities)in the plantings of the ranters. I love the coolness of the white planting, but here in the fog, it would just disappear.

  4. Love the white flowers, not very surprising though because during the summer months I have a white garden. 😀

    What fun to see the differences and simularities in gardens so far apart.

    Thanks for sharing the pics, I enjoyed them!