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As I sit here, having what is probably—and should be—my last glass of wine of the weekend, I wish I could show you some groovy images from the Garden Walk gardens. However, my battery is shot and I have to wait until tomorrow to upload. In the meantime, I offer a shot my husband took of a plein air sketch in progress. It’s appropriate because this is a very art-intensive corner of New York state. I wasn’t here, but I think the artist is depicting a lily-ish section of the sunniest bed, and using considerable artistic license in the process. In a good way.

So, more later. What can I say about the experience of meeting all my fellow ranters in person? That they’re all endlessly enthusiastic, hilariously funny, incredibly intelligent, and, of course (as you can see) beautiful? That I had a total blast showing them off to my Buffalo friends? And showing off Buffalo to them? That I can’t wait until we get together again? That one of my few regrets is that more of you, our fellow garden bloggers, were not present? That I’m so sorry it’s all over? I say all these things. And, tomorrow, when the battery is charged, I’ll give some juicy highlights of garden goodness.

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