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The great compost tea debate


As promised, we are hosting a dialogue between Alaskan garden writer Jeff Lowenfels, the co-author (with Wayne Lewis) of Teaming With Microbes; and horticultural scientist Jeff Gillman, author of The Truth About Garden Remedies. Each expert gives a full statement on the issue of compost tea, with Gillman starting off, Lowenfels replying, and Gillman briefly rebutting.

Also as promised (and thanks to Timber Press), we do have a giveaway of both books, with the two books going to the two wackiest garden remedies used by any of our Garden Rant readers. But we also look forward to your comments on the many fascinating points raised about compost tea by our two experts.

I’ve disabled comments for all but the final post (Jeff G’s rebuttal), so all the comments can be read in the same string. I thought it would be a pain to jump between all four posts to get the comments.

Thanks so much to both Jeff Gillman and Jeff Lowenfels for graciously agreeing to participate in this. Now, let the battle of the Jeffs begin!

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