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Sustainability – in Fishing

I know, I know; this is off-topic.  Though I once proposed to my GardenRant partners that our real topic is all of nature and no one objected! So with that ringing endorsement, I’ll just link to an article on my own blog about this hot-hot issue and my recent contribution to the cause.  That would be eating, of course.

Posted by on June 23, 2007 at 1:55 pm, in the category Eat This.
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One response to “Sustainability – in Fishing”

  1. Tai Haku says:

    As someone who blogs frequently about what cousteau would call “the wonders of the underwater world”, thanks for bringing this topic to more people’s attention. Unfortunately I think there is a big “out of sight out of mind” aspect to this problem – if people could see some of the things us divers see I think they’d all try for sustainability pretty sharpish.