Ranters’ Bloom Day (including Michele’s!) and more

Here’s a sampling of what’s on view in three four of our gardens. Amy’s got a veritable purple prairie of catmint and salvia, with geranium, yarrow, and phlomis mixed in. Susan has a graceful, airy arrangement of spirea, hydrangea, and astilbe. Hydrangea2 

I’m not bored with the pond yet, so here’s what’s blooming around it. The plantings (hydrangea, heuchera, lamium, campanula, rodgersia, dicentra, more) are coming along pretty well, though some, like the aquigleia, were already established.

Finally, Michele, who was traveling, sent in this image of two showstopping climbers: American Beauty Rose and her all-time favorite, climbing honeysuckle. (I see you have some lily action there too, Michele.)

Some of you may have seen the New York Times gardening articles today and noticed that Susan is prominently featured in an article on gardening coaches. It’s called "Plant! Water! Weed!" There’s even a picture of her coaching someone (or pretending to for the picture). Go Susan! (In your cool red shirt and black capris.) This link goes to her site, where you get the story and the behind-the-scenes.

I’m sure we could all use a bit of coaching as we head into heavy-duty pruning, weeding, watering, staking, deadheading, and general continual maintenance season. Happy Bloom Day from the Ranters!

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5 responses to “Ranters’ Bloom Day (including Michele’s!) and more”

  1. Curtis says:

    Nice first photo of the garden. I like the color combination with the blue, yellow, purple, red and white. All the gardens look wonderful.

  2. Carol says:

    How fun to have you all join for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! I love seeing your gardens side by side. It reminds us that behind your rants are genuine gardeners, with dirt under your nails and sweat on your brows, and the occasional sun in your eyes, just like the rest of us.

    And special congrats to Susan on the article, well done!

  3. Thanks for sharing your blooms! Amy you’d better hide all that wonderful catmint of yours because when the Bliss team gets a whiff of that …….. 😉

    It’s nice to see the different styles of gardening you three have. Susan your garden is looking great, and so is Amy’s. You’re getting to be quite the celeb Susan! 😉

    Love the pond EAL and I can see why you’re still not bored with it. I don’t think you ever will be as ponds are fascinating. At least, I think so. 😉

    BTW my blooms are up too!

  4. layanee says:

    All three gardens are unique and beautiful and a reflection of the individuality of gardening!

  5. susan harris says:

    Thanks, E, and just for you I’ll wear my capris and a Hawaiian shirt – from my vast wardrobe of them – and dole out as much free coaching as you can handle when I’m in Buffalo next month.