You’re All Invited:
GardenRant’s First Anniversary Party
8 Tonite

Party2June 12, 2006; I remember it like it was yesterday.  Finally, after months of scheming, GardenRant was launched with some lively posts by Amy and announcements on our individual blogs.  Gradually you guys found us, started mixing it up in the comments, and it has been one fun year!

So to thank our readers, you’re all invited to knock back some fine wines with us tonight in the party room of our favorite bar – with Michele choosing the wines.  Okay, maybe fine wines aren’t knocked back but something will get knocked back.  And Amy is mixing up a batch of her famous martinis, so forget about this being one of those overly polite garden parties.  No, I think this gang is a little more fun than that.  Naturally there will be fine cuisine made from only the freshest ingredients (Michele’s in charge of that, too).  Elizabeth and I will be getting the dancing started, of course, grabbing partners as we spy them or using some of those hippie-chick-with-no-partner moves that always get the party going.

But the highlight of the evening will be finally getting to meet you all, matching your faces with your on-line personalities, quirks and all.  Seeing your baby, cat and garden pictures.  (Limit: 3 per person.)  And not just our regular commenters but all you lurkers, too.  This can be your coming out party!

After we’re reasonably drunk we’ll all sing a round of  "Happy Anniversary to GardenRant!"  So don’t forget to bring your kazoos, your bangos, your noisemakers of any kind because by the time we start singing, we don’t really care what you play or how well.  It’ll be FUN!

And Craig, bring some CDs – we know you’ve got ’em and we know they’re good.

Oh, wait.  We’re on the Internet and you guys live all over the world.  (In fact, I keep checking our new ClusterMap – under the title "Who ARE you people?" – and wondering: "Who ARE you people reading us from China, Saudi Arabia, India, Japan and South Africa?  Not to mention Oman and Madagascar, if my geography serves me.  Let’s hear from you folks!)  Even the GardenRant team itself is spread across thousands of miles from Maryland to New York to California, for crissakes.

Damn, I guess the party’s off.   

But readers, we really, really wish we could throw a party for you and meet you all.  Now let’s all have a virtual group hug.

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18 responses to “You’re All Invited:
GardenRant’s First Anniversary Party
8 Tonite”

  1. Colleen says:

    Happy Anniversary, Ranters! I can’t believe it’s only been a year—and what a year it’s been! Thanks for giving us a killer year of irreverence, wittiness, intelligence, and plenty of nude gardening.

    Right now, all I’ve got is coffee, but I’ll raise my cup to you: Here’s to another great year!

  2. Doug Green says:

    Susan et al – the jet’s warmed up and the chopper is ready to launch from my wee island – where’s the party? I may be a tad late as the biofuel is still being brewed from deadheaded daffodil blossoms. But you should taste the peony brewed chive cocktail I have prepared (oh wait, that’s what I’m using to take off).

    Next time do give us a few days notice so I can have my flight plan posted ahead of time. No sense crashing into garden parties unannounced (so to speak)

    My congrats to the ranter-babes on a full year ranting away! You’ve obviously filled a niche in this wonderful world of gardening.

  3. Happy anniversary! You share it with one of the greatest feats in athletic history which I hope to post about tonight.

    To get you hippie chicks dancing, here’s some of that gypsy punk stuff I can’t live without: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6daIP-tT2vI

  4. Sandra Flood says:

    Hello from beautiful British Columbia and the Columbia Mountains. Congratulations on a great year of garden blogs. Morning get-up routine, make a cuppa tea, and look at Garden Rant. I am rarely disappointed.
    I have a very small garden, no lawn and the only paths run on top of tree roots. My Gardening season runs from the first crocuses against the house wall in late February, then depending on how much snow and how long it takes to melt, helped by shovelling it onto paths and under the giant fir that anchors a corner of my garden, the garden really gets going in late March to early April. By the end of October, even late Fall plants are ending. So what do gardeners do during long northern winters, this gardener can’t bare not to have dirty hands, so hies down to the pottery studio and plunges her hands into clay to make vases and flower pots.
    Keep the rant going.

  5. Rock on, RanterChicks! Thanks for letting us play along with you fiesty gals. Happy Anny, but damn, I was all ready to get my drink on. Perhaps a virtual toast to my favorite gardening ladies. Cheers!

  6. layanee says:

    Party? Sounds like a plan even if it’s in spirit only! Congrats on a year of great, though provoking posts. Life would be dull without the Garden Rant Group. Group synergy at its’ best! Thanks!

  7. Sandy says:

    I’m a lurker from Michigan, and I’ve been reading your blog almost from day one. Have had a link to your blog on my blog for almost as long as well. Would love to meet all of you! I have my party dress on (with garden clogs of course) and am heading to the basement to find party hats and noise-makers. Don’t start without me! Now where did I put those deflated old balloons?

    Happy Anniversary gals! Here’s to your long continued rantings!! (raises coffee cup in the air)

  8. Sally says:

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary, Garden Rant! The garden blogosphere is glad to have you!

  9. Happy AnniBlogiversary! I’m all for a party – especially if I can hide in the kitchen and do the dishes! (keep the g&ts coming and I’m happy as a dancing ranter) Keep on keeping on!!

  10. sandy says:

    Happy anniversary! Shame about the party. I guess I’ll just have to drink alone. Cheers.

  11. Kim says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’m raising a (Reed’s Premium Extra Ginger) Ginger Beer in your honor!

    Also, don’t forget to take some credit for bringing so many interesting blogs to the attention of others. I am glad that I found Craig and Ellis Hollow and Christopher (formerly) at Tropical Embellishments via comments left here. Way cool.

  12. Carol says:

    A year already? Where has the time gone? Happy Blogiversary, Ranters. I may not agree with every post, but I sure do enjoy all of them!

  13. Coming a little late to the party (depending on time zone), but Happy Anniversary!

    Too bad I don’t drink any more …

  14. Delphine says:

    Happy anniversary from France !! we read your blog in Europe too ! i would like to drink with you but it’s a little bit far away…

  15. william says:

    A Very Happy Anniversary from a small garden stuffed full of plants near Criccieth, North Wales, UK. You have given me a wonderful window into gardening in the USA. You are the best blog anywhere.

  16. Marte says:

    I’ve only been reading gardenrant for a few months, but it’s one of the first sites I check every morning with my first cup of coffee, and my very favorite. Congratulations on your anniversary and many more!

  17. Sally says:

    Damn! Always a day late and a dollar short. But Happy Anniversary anyway. Love your blog.

  18. bright says:

    happy first birthday! you won’t be entering the terrible twos will you? keep up the good work!