Unusually Clever People, Who's Ranting About Us

Michele Owens Continues to Rock My World

We’re pleased to report on another lively article by the always witty Michele Owens, this time in the May issue of Organic Gardening.  I’ve always wondered how anyone manages to deal with two homes and two gardens.  In her essay, "A Tale of Two Gardens," she tells it like it is.  I could particularly relate to this bit about her city garden:

Gardening in the city is also shockingly social.  Everybody who walks by–madman, nongardening matron, and FedEx guy alike–is a critic.  One woman actually said to me, "There are too many spaces between the plants."  Give me a minute, I’m planting as fast as I can!  Of course, all this civic interest helps to justify my outrageous spending on tulips.  I’m doing it for the people.

Keep it up, Michele. And welcome to any OG readers who found their way here by way of her byline.

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5 responses to “Michele Owens Continues to Rock My World”

  1. kate says:

    How true that is … whenever I am in my front garden, people stop by and chat. Most often they look quizzically at me and wonder what I am doing ( planting roses sometimes, pulling weeds other times ) and yes, they have opinions which they voice. And it is surprising how little work I get done in the course of an afternoon.

  2. ginger says:

    I think it is great that passersby actually notice you gardening. Any interest can only help promote gardening and the joy therein!

  3. molly says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Amy! I’ll read any mag (even the perfume-saturated “O”) that features an article by Michele. Streetside gardening is a hoot. People who would never speak to you were you sitting idly on your stoop will tell you all kinds of things about themselves, about the neighborhood, and, like it or not, about your garden.

  4. Mary says:

    Check out the MN Hort’s Society UpFront Gardener’s program. They list front yard gardens on their website so people can conduct their own tours and get ideas for what will work in their yard.

  5. Thank you, Amy and Molly. You made my day.