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Amy Takes the Times On a Tour


Don’t miss the terrific piece about Ranter Amy Stewart in the New York Times today. 

The author of the delicious and delightful new book Flower Confidential, Amy spends a morning with Charles McGrath in New York City’s flower district, and shows him the weird combination of natural beauty and gritty industry that is the flower business.

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2 responses to “Amy Takes the Times On a Tour”

  1. JLB says:

    Congrats on the NY Times spot Amy!

  2. I guess I am lucky – I’ve had delphiniums coming back every year in my garden since I tossed some seeds in four years ago. Of course I can’t get an Alchemilla to grow anywhere on my property, much to the amusement of all my gardening friends, so there’s always a tradeoff. (Yes, I live in the northeast.)