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ClooneyDarn–I was gonna quit my day job to start an eco-celeb blog, but ecorazzi beat me to it.  Here you can get the very latest in green gossip, including Dakota Flemmings’ newfound reluctance to eat bacon after her time on the set of the new Charlotte’s Web movie. ("They were so cute. Before I started playing Fern in the movie I went down to where they kept all of the animals – the pigs and the sheep and kind of just practiced holding them for the first time because I’d never really held a pig before.")

You can also read about Prince Charles’ organic gardening apprentice, Martha Stewart chatting it up with Inconvenient Truth directory Laurie David (and reporting on the impact of global warming on the pumpkin crop),and a single post that somehow manages to combine Oprah, Julia Roberts, the green issue of Vogue, and biodiesel.

And we include this photo of George Clooney–uh, well–just because we can.  Hey, he’s standing outdoors, right?  Probably thinking about planting a tree, or turning his compost pile!

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3 responses to “We Heart EcoRazzi”

  1. George Clooney can come mow my lawn and blow things around for me any time he wants. All electric of course to be eco friendly. I think he would make a very fine Landscape Professional.

  2. Stuart says:

    Or, maybe he’s sizing up all the trees he’s about to chop down to make way for his new Hollywood condo?

  3. sanresh says:

    Clooney’s gonna plant a tree soon with his bare hands.

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    you will like it they have got interesting stuff