About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Licata didn’t know the difference between an annual and a perennial when she started her first garden in the quaint historic neighborhood of Allentown in Buffalo, New York in 1999.

Her Italianate house with its shady front yard. Photo by Don Zinteck.

Licata’s had a lot of fun and even learned a few things since then and enjoys sharing her triumphs and frustrations with others on her blog Gardening While Intoxicated.

Licata likes to rant passionately for:
•old-fashioned flowers
•urban gardens
•community gardens
•garden walks

and against:
•boring gardening, i.e. lawns and foundation plantings
•bad garden vendors
•dumb TV gardening shows
•purists and elitism in general

In the real world Licata is the editor of Buffalo Spree magazine and a freelance writer and art curator. She helps run Garden Walk Buffalo and has written the text for a book about Garden Walk. She has also written and edited several art-related books. Contact Elizabeth: ealicata at yahoo.com

Photo by KC Kratt

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12 responses to “About Elizabeth”

  1. Kathy says:

    If you actually get a review copy of Tracy’s latest book from Timber Press, I’d like to know how you did it, or who you know. I asked for a review copy of a book last spring, and they told me flat out they wouldn’t send one to a blogger, even though I was going to review it for Upstate Gardener’s Journal, and the author lives in Syracuse, and was speaking at an event that I was covering for the magazine. Then Jane Milliman, the editor, asked for a review copy, and they turned her down too.

  2. eliz. says:


    Actually it’s on this very “about page” that I am editor of Buffalo Spree magazine. That’s why Timber sends me review copies and has been for years. They even use some of my comments on their website. It’s not for the blog. In fact, I told them I’d do that as a bonus.

    Spree is a very glossy, luxe publication clearly reaching well-to-do consumers, so I am sure that goes into the thinking. Not that I’m endorsing that–Upstate Gardener is a very well-liked and widely-read pub. (Though I wish you guys would do something on Garden Walk Buffalo, the book, in your print publication as well as on the blog.)

    Getting back to Timber, I agree that they should send to bloggers too. I love Timber books.

  3. Hey there Elizabeth. In our defense, we received the first press release for the book and DVD on October 30, after we had gone to press for the holiday issue, and in the Directory (January) we had to cut all non-listing copy to the barest minimum. So we haven’t had a chance yet. Thanks for your kind words though! (I would have e-mailed this, but I don’t have your email. If you like, e-mail me at janemilliman dot com.)
    – Jane

  4. Nancy says:

    In response to your lament that it’s hard to find lilium canadense, I found one online source: Shooting Star Nursery – I think they are in Kentucky. Here’s the url.


  5. Elizabeth,

    I have been trying to comment again on The Pond The Pond but your capcha word verification is always a red X. You can’t type in letters that don’t show up.

    Anyway I just wanted say you can have a formal pool with plants and a natural looking pond that is pool water and vice versa. Without seeing more of your back garden it is a bit hard to say which would work best design wise.

  6. eliz says:

    Thanks Chris,

    I appreciate your input. I wish you were here to advise me! But I do believe an urban pond can work.

    Perhaps, when you move back to the 48–or, at least check out the flickr photos. That will give you a better idea.

  7. Beth says:

    Was just searching for the date of the Niagara Falls, ON garden walk and ran into your web site because it mentions one in Buffalo. Which I didn’t know about but am trying to learn more about the history of Buffalo.
    Moved from Bethesda, MD to Niagara-o-t-Lake 3 yrs. ago and the gardening is far better here than in hot, thunderstormy DC. I’m now known as a “garden-minder”: I am called on to stand in people’s gardens for organizations I’ve never heard of before! But you learn something that way. And there are zillions of garden tours in the Niagara Peninsula.
    Will try to get to the one on Buffalo if possible at the end of this month.

  8. eliz says:

    NOTL has amazing gardens–and you are very close to the Buffalo event. We hope to se you!

  9. soma says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    You mentioned about “people are receiving your bulbs” in one of the tulips blog. I was wondering are you giving out free bulbs?

    I am planning on having a flower garden next year, so I need to start planting this year for the next spring.

    If you are not giving out for free please give me some advices on how to go about purchasing them.


  10. Tara says:


    You posted about a post I did on Eco Chic Parents on your blog.

    We are having a BBQ. You live near by…want to come to it?

  11. Tom says:

    For those interested in Timber Press and Tracy Disabato-Aust new book due out in Jan.’09. she will be our key note speaker at our WNY Nursery & Landscape Association Education Days, being held on January 30, 2009 at McKinley Conference Ctr, Hamburg, for more info go to our web site http://www.wnysnla.org.
    This annual event is generally for the trade, but we will have her books available for sale including the new one “50 High- Impact, Low-Care Garden Plants”, that is scheduled for release just a few weeks prior. We are Tracy’s second speaking engagement post release of her new book!

    Tom Suffoletto, Director
    Western NY State Nursery & Landscape Assoc.
    Sales Manager
    Concord Nurseries, Inc.

  12. rama nayeri says:

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