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This Week in Horticulture

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Hollywood’s trademark palm trees are being replaced by native species.  Oh, sure, they’ll keep a few around to placate the tourists, but between the lack of shade and the high maintenance costs, they’re outta here.  The city might want to do the math first:  horticulturalists at Ventura College said that a recent landscaping job resulted in palm trees worth $25,000 each being hauled off, presumably to be sold in Vegas or Miami, and replaced with cheaper specimens.  Now if only LA could get those trees to pay their property taxes, the city could probably afford the maintenance.

Columbia, South Carolina is working to turn an 18-block historic area into a garden district that highlights a century of historic gardens (1820-1920) Included in the district is the Mann-Simons cottage, which was owned by free blacks in the antebellum days and shows off what is described as an "African-American traditional working landscape."  Right on, Columbia.

Non-Oregonians may not know that the paper of the same name publishes a gardening crossword, which you can download here.  Anybody got a three-letter word for "bristle-like appendage of grass inflorescense"?

We agree with our friends at the Houston Chronicle that the best plant tag is one that reads "I don’t remember planting this."  They’re available from the Signals catalog, along with this totally awesome miniature greenhouse.  (Aphids not included.)

Something else we can’t live without:  our own distillery.  Not sure what we might distill, but we’ll come up with something.  Cheers!

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5 responses to “This Week in Horticulture”

  1. JLB says:

    I could definitely use a few of the “I don’t remember planting this.” tags… right along with “Is this a weed, or is it something I actually planted?”

  2. max says:

    Uh, has that picture of a Colocasia always been on the top left?

  3. Susan Harris says:

    Max – we change our sidebar photos every week or so and the Colocasia is now history.

  4. max says:

    And as far as distilling goes, take a hint from your neighbors:

    [The crossword answer is awn].