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Michele Owens Totally Rocks

Oprah_cover_1 So there I am at the grocery store, flipping through O, the Oprah magazine, when I see the face of a friend:  our own Michele Owen’s story on flowers appears in the November issue, right after a story on the fashion secrets of famous designers. 

So if you’re not a regular reader of O, give in to the guilty pleasure and pick it up this month for Michele’s story.  She’s writing about a subject very close to my heart–the emotional power of flowers.  I’ll give you a taste:

So what is it we’re smelling when we smell the rose?  Maybe we are smelling ourselves at our Oprah_inside best, our own potential for goodness and joy.  No wonder we find the scent intoxicating.  Maybe we even need the rose–always associated with romance–to remind us to be romantic, the Oriental lily to remind us to think sex, the red geranium to remind us to be optimistic, the daisy to remind us to be sociable.  Otherwise we might be too purposeful and pleasure-free.

Michele_in_oprah Y’all check it out.  Good on you, Michele.

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  1. dorene says:

    I think I know Michele personally from back in 96′ hey michele please let me know it’s you
    come to my page http://www.myspace.com/crazydough