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Pick Your Own Lavender: An Idea We Can Get Behind

Lavender A couple weeks ago, the public was invited to come harvest lavender at this community garden in South London.   (UK readers:  Did you go?  How was it?)

The Local Lavender project restored the famous lavender fields used by companies like Yardley’s for their luxuriously-scented products.  According to the site:

Around 1900, blue fields of Lavender could be seen all over Wallington, Carshalton, Waddon and Sutton. Lavender was used for scented bags, floor and furniture washes, as a disinfectant, to preserve linen from moths, and for remedies. Lavender was also used in recipes such as lavender jam, honey and custard.

Now the traditional varieties have been re-planted (volunteers scouted out neighborhood gardens to find them), and the public is invited to come out once a year–usually near the end of July–to harvest the lavender and take some home.  Yardley’s is still involved as a sponsor of the project.

What a beautiful concept.  If you want to try their pure lavender oil for yourself, you can get it here.

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3 responses to “Pick Your Own Lavender: An Idea We Can Get Behind”

  1. Just be careful using lavender oil around your sons as it may have an estrogen-like effect.

  2. One of the more successful Agri-Tourism projects on Maui is a lavender farm. I haven’t been there yet but met the owner almost 20 years ago when he was growing Tropical flowers for the cut flower trade over Hana side of Maui.

    This is a link to their extensive photo album of the gardens.

  3. John Curtin says:

    Very interesting, I live not far from Lavendar Hill in South London and yes it was grown there also.

    I keep an eye on the press but this one passed me by – they need to advertise it more – tell the people and they will come!