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Pioneers in Gardenblogging

It was through Kathy Purdy’s Directory of Blogs that I found my way in the online gardening world andPioneers became part of it.  And following her debut here as a guest blogger, let’s see what’s happening over at her place – Cold Climate Gardening – where she’s celebrating its 4th anniversary.   In her usual community-building way, she’s not just reminiscing about the creation of her own blog; she’s interviewing all the other garden bloggers who’ve been around that long.  And here’s what I’ve learned so far from just day one of an 8-part series.

  • M. Sinclair Stevens has a husband!  Which is a little disconcerting when you’ve assumed M to be male all along.  So unless it’s M+boyfriend just back from their Massachusetts wedding, I have to assume she’s a she.
  • Pam at Rivermantic‘s first blog, soon after 9/11, was about Alternate Patriotism.  I’d love to have read it back then; I needed it.
  • The HTML Writers Guild was once friendly to amateurs and hobbyists.  Today?  Not so much.
  • Kathy Purdy’s grandmother was a computer programmer.  As amazing as that is, it’s right in line with all the interviewees’ early connections to geeks, leading to their own geekiness.  And before there was a Blogger or Typepad, you had to be pretty geeky to just get on line.
  • When these folks started their blogs in 2002 and earlier, there was a "coolness factor" in being an early adopter, though friends often greeted the news with "blank stares."  Today the reaction (by the blogistically ignorant) is usually "I don’t have time to read blogs" with a sneer. What they’re thinking is "Ooh, you’re like all those self-absorbed preteens writing about their cats".

Now I’ll pretend I’m one of Kathy’s pioneers and tell you how I got into blogging, and it’s not because I’m the least bit geeky (or live with a geek).  I became addicted to political blogs, especially DailyKos and AmericaBlog, during the exciting and ultimately soul-crushing 2004 presidential election.  So when I discovered that I knew a real person with a blog and she told me it was easy, I was inspired and emboldened.  Okay, Kathy, I’m ready for my next question.

Yeah, I’ll be checking Cold Climate Gardening all week, not missing a single installment.  This is the Story of Our People. Link.  So thanks again, Kathy.

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6 responses to “Pioneers in Gardenblogging”

  1. Kathy says:

    You’re welcome, Susan. And you’re not the only one to mistake M. Sinclair Stevens’ identity.

  2. Ah. So I’ve been outed.

    I didn’t think it could be much of a secret after I included a photo of me at Hidcote Manor Gardens earlier this year.


  3. Jenn says:

    “Ooh, you’re like all those self-absorbed preteens writing about their cats”.

    Ha ha! I resemble that remark, except I am the cranky old lady on the corner with the little, yappy dogs!

  4. Does a grand entrance and an exotic look make up for being late to the party?

    That is what I learned during my developmental gender bending disco days.

  5. So it’s now okay to say ‘she’ rather than always checking comments to be sure they spoke of ‘M’ in neutral terms? Cool. I’ve met her and she is SO not-neutral.

    Many thanks to all you pioneers in garden blogging, and to writers like the exotic Christopher who have been so generous with help on garden forums. By sharing your own words and by linking us to other blogs, you made life richer for everyone.

  6. We’re new to this blogging game but hoping to get good.

    any advise will be more than welcome.