Taking Your Gardening Dollar

What the Well-Dressed Garbage Can Is Wearing This Summer

Clematis_small That nauseating dark green plastic never did blend in with the garden, did it?  At last, some alternatives.  Drape your bin in clematis ‘Nellie Moser,’ floribunda roses, pyracantha (in fruit or not), spirea (are you listening, Susan?) and more.

My nominations for future decal designs:

  • An army of garden gnomes.  Angry gnomes, not happy ones.  They’re taking out the garbage and they’re not happy about it.
  • Chickens headed into the coop on one side, and walking out of the coop on the other.  For farmer wanna-bes in the city.
  • Paid staff.  A gardener bending over, pulling weeds.  I could wheel him (or her) around in the yard and imagine that work is getting done.Wheelie_bin_trailer

What would you like to see on the side of your wheelie bin?  Remember that they can be used to cover more than garbage cans…

Brought to you by the: Wheelie Bin Cover Company.

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2 responses to “What the Well-Dressed Garbage Can Is Wearing This Summer”

  1. OldRoses says:

    OMG! Please don’t give my neighbors any ideas. The plastic flowers and fake deer are bad enough.

  2. Do chipmunks have any natural predators? If so, I want large portraits of those predatory animals on mine to scare the little buggers away!