Heeeeere’s Eliot

Coleman2_2by Susan
Okay, someone around here went and found another photo of the much-drooled-over-by-married-women Eliot Coleman and it’s definitely worth clicking to enlarge.  Now who he is and what he does with all those vegetables, Michele will have to tell us.

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3 responses to “Heeeeere’s Eliot”

  1. Ali says:

    Eliot is a writer/educator/market gardener who lives on a stunning farm in Harborside, Maine. He bought the property from Helen and Scott Nearing.

    He has perfected a 4-season gardening technoque, managing to grow vegetables and greens year round in unheated greenhouses.

    He graciously hosted a group of my students (even inviting us in to his beautiful kitchen for our picnic lunch) in March of this year to talk to us about innovative and sustainable agricultural practices.

  2. Liz says:

    Would Eliot still be as sexy if you knew how tiny he was?

    (I have nothing against small men… my husband is a good 3″ shorter than me, but I was still surprised by Eliot’s stature. He seemed taller surrounded by all those vegetables and leaning in greenhouses, I guess.)

  3. Michele says:

    Perhaps it’s just that pose that I like on the cover of Four-Season Harvest, and the boots, and the fact that he’s married to a garden writer.

    I fantasize on occasion about gardening with my husband. But that probably means doing it with my second husband, and unfortunately, I do like the first one.